WALL-E Alternative Ending

26 08 2008

When Disney acquired Pixar they promised not to interfere with the creative process that had yielded an unprecedented string of quality films. However, the recent future has managed to obtain a document that proves Disney has not kept it’s word. Below, find the last page of the original WALL-E script, which Disney forced Pixar to change. This scene takes place at the end of the movie, after they’ve returned to Earth so that EVE can repair WALL-E with the extra parts he keeps at his home.

(WARNING: If you haven’t seen WALL-E this probably won’t make sense and may ruin it)


Bush Administration Releases Long Awaited Environmental Policy

16 04 2008

PDF Version: epa-press-release

New Obama Ad Touts His Male Genitalia as Key to Presidentialness

3 01 2008

Hillary has taken a lot of abuse during her campaign, but with the primaries getting started they’re taking it to another level. I think this attack ad just goes too far in touting Obama’s supremacy “where it counts”.

Thanks to Galen for Editing and Joey for donating sweet graphics.

Direct YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15G4tqnUois

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iPhone’s New Diaphragm Mode

31 12 2007

I was able to obtain a few pages from the newest iPhone instruction manual detailing an amazing new feature that will be available with the next software update. diaphone-instructions11.jpg


Click to Download the PDF