WALL-E Alternative Ending

26 08 2008

When Disney acquired Pixar they promised not to interfere with the creative process that had yielded an unprecedented string of quality films. However, the recent future has managed to obtain a document that proves Disney has not kept it’s word. Below, find the last page of the original WALL-E script, which Disney forced Pixar to change. This scene takes place at the end of the movie, after they’ve returned to Earth so that EVE can repair WALL-E with the extra parts he keeps at his home.

(WARNING: If you haven’t seen WALL-E this probably won’t make sense and may ruin it)




14 responses

26 08 2008

You should change the category from “funny” to “asshole”. though i was entertained.

5 11 2008

that’s a harsh comment.
I like the realistic ending.
I think we romanticize robots too much, it will probably lead to our downfall. I feel that cold metal claw moving closer towards my throat each day.

20 11 2008

I’m happy that disney forced their version over pixar’s. The movie is sad enough now, with that ending it would be a horror.

20 11 2008

This could be good ending for Tarantino/Rodriguez movie. I think that’s a fake. It doesn’t fit to the atmosphere of the movie. Children would go crazy watching such a nightmare scene…

20 11 2008

Nah this isn’t real. If anything, the alternative ending should have been either WallE doesn’t come back to life at all …

14 08 2010

This ending sometimes is stupid (cubing Eve is NOT RIGHT), but good. As an additional scene. This ending is not for wide audience. With some changes (wall-e is shocked by lightning, he remember everything and returns to Eve…well, you can imagine what happens next) it would be the second “Titanic” movie.

9 12 2008

*inhales sharply*
that hurt. deeply. I loved the theaterical ending, and if it had ended like the alternate…..
……..that just hurt. How can you make a movie that is supposed to be a romantic movie– and a movie for children– end like that….some children might think love will end that way(some chidren do think like that)
Pixar…I love your movies, but that one thing makes me want to say this:


Disney was as AWESOME as always, but Pixar….


(and each time that was said….there’s a major amount of emphasis on the word in caps)

1 09 2010

That would be the best ending I’ve seen in my entire life. So, you suck.

20 12 2008

If this was real, I’d be concernd.. I wonder why no one notices the Keyword: “Parody” ?
You may find this funny, I find it rather moronic and badly done.. put more effort into your shlock next time.

Aalap, stop watching kids movies, get a clue.. shut up.. in what ever order you want..

19 02 2009

WOW thats a shocking ending to the movie!!!!!!!!!!!

3 04 2010

Disney, good job! the sad ending just too much for a kid movie, it maybe fit for those cheap romantic movie, but no this one.

10 06 2010


26 10 2010

Is this even real?

29 03 2011

Can I get a video of that?

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